Station 9: Lookout at Dobrá Voda (Good Water)

We now stand in front of a small gneissic rock which projects about seven meters above its surrounding and offers visitors an interesting view. Remarkable is particularly the geological difference of the rock from its surrounding which is primarily granite.

Also its original German name “Schnuppstein” is quite curious and no apt Czech equivalent has ever been found. That is why the rock is today simply called the Lookout. The former name was associated with the nickname of the owner of the land, the farmer Karl Neumann called Schnuppkarl who was known for his liking for snuffing.

In 1902, the members of the Jablonec section of the German Mountain Society played an important role in making the top accessible. The outlook was secured by a metal railing. The original plan included also a lookout tower, however, this intention had never been implemented.

It is no longer known when the cross with the Christ´s body disappeared. Neither do we know when the metal ladder has been fixed here. Most probably it was put there by members of the Mountain Rescue Service at the beginning of the eighties of the last century.

Although the lookout is now rather shaded by full-grown vegetation, the view of the Jizerské mountains and Jablonec nad Nisou is still impressive. Quite close to Malé Vrkoslavice you will find the reconstructed Petřín restaurant with a lookout tower (station 7). The rock rugged by a narrow rift is particularly attractive in spring when the full-grown cherry tree is in bloom and towers above the rock.

In 1995, the gneissic rock at Dobrá Voda was registered as a significant landscape element and according to the Act on Nature and Landscape Protection it is protected against damage and destruction. There are another 15 significant landscape elements in the Jablonec region, they are mostly meadow communities.

Photogallery - Station 9



Lookout at Dobrá Voda

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