Station 5: Memorable beech - V Aleji street

Human society has always attributed an extraordinary significance to trees. Their significance for our landscape is also reflected in the Act on Nature and Landscape Protection (114/1992 Coll.) which stipulates that the trees growing outside forests (forest management is governed by its own legislation) are protected against malicious cutting. In addition, the trees extraordinary in terms of growth, aesthetic or historical importance may be declared memorable and as such provided with a high degree of protection.

Protection against damage of these trees includes prohibition of certain activities in their vicinity that could have a negative impact on their growth and health. Memorable trees are also provided with an extraordinary care.

In Jablonec nad Nisou and its surroundings there are 14 memorable trees or groups of trees registered. Mostly they are the oldest and most robust trees. Most frequent among them are linden trees. In the place where we are situated grew a memorabre tree, which was declared as this in 2005. 

In 2010 by reason of safety the protection of the tree had to be removed and the tree was cut. For storing the green in the city and replacing this prominent tree, there was a new beech Fagus sylvatica "Purpurea Pendula" planted.

The European beech (Fagus sylvatica) belongs to our most beautiful trees. In spring they refresh the hillsides with green colour, in autumn we may wade through drifts of golden leaves in the beech forests. In natural conditions the beech would have been our most numerous tree species. The beeches live until the age of 300 years. They are characterized by a smooth grey bark, the wood has a reddish colour and is used in the furniture manufacturing or as a fuel. Beech nuts are a favourite food of the game.

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