Station 3: The Tyrs park

In 1879, the Embellishment Society was established in Jablonec that set its major goal to found a municipal park. However, the efforts of the Society did not meet with much understanding of some citizens who perceived them as an unnecessary and inappropriate spending.

Finally, the Society succeeded in enforcing their idea. Thanks to the contribution of the Jablonec municipal savings bank the Society could in 1884 purchase a marshy land on the left bank of the Nisa river covering the area of 19.491 m˛. The site was gradually adapted and trees and bushes were planted there. Official opening took place on Sunday, 9 July 1893. In the following years the park was decorated with small sculptures and memorial stones. We may find here also a phonolite ?organ? which would, however, deserve a much better place.

A natural resource of underground water was used to build a small man-made ornamental lake framed by a small dike with an ornamental railing. The water was covered with water lilies and other water plants, in winter it changed into a skating rink. Not far from here a garden-house was built for outdoor concerts.

In the south-western corner a memorial to the victims of World War I was unveiled on 11 October 1936. The author of the granite column was architect Alfred Wenzel, the sculptures were made by sculptor Michel Brosik. Material for the memorial was obtained in the Jizerka river. On the reverse side of the memorial there were several boards with 863 names of the killed or missing citizens of Jablonec. A gas pipe was connected to the top of the memorial for lighting up fire on festive occasions. After World War II the boards and some other details were removed.

At the end of the seventies of the last century the park was reconstructed but from the current viewpoint the reconstruction missed both the style and concept. The paths were covered with concrete and bituminous surface, very unfortunate was the reconstruction of the lake which was also concreted and due to dilettantish interventions, it is now incapable of retaining the water.

The latest maintenance of the park took place in 2001 when it was supplemented with additional green vegetation and some other objects. Unfortunately a number of planted bushes were stolen.

The municipal park, also called the Tyr? park, has been for more than one hundred years a popular and a pleasant place to rest in the middle of a busy town.

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The Tyrš park


The Tyrš park

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