Station 7: Petřín

When looking from the centre of Jablonec nad Nisou southward we can see on the horizon a hillside with a silhouette of a prominent building which at a good visibility can be hardly overlooked. In spite of this for a relatively long time this place went unheeded by the tourist societies that experienced their boom in the second half of 19th century.

As late as in 1906, Richard Fellinghauer built here in the cadastre of the formerly autonomous Vrkoslavice an inn with a lookout tower. The hillside was at that time called after one of the inhabitants the Nickelkoppe, and thus the inn was also called “Zur Nickelkoppe“. It was officially opened on Sunday, 2 December of the same year. It seems that the opening took place without much publicity as the local press was rather unconcerned about this event, perhaps due to bad promotion, bad weather or competition.

Despite its excellent location Mr. Fellinghauer´s restaurant did not attract many visitors and since the very beginning it kept changing both owners and lessees. At the beginning of 1934 the restaurant was leased by Hans Öser who tried to rename it to Öserwarte (Öser´s lookout). However, similarly as the name “Hohenwarte“ (High lookout), this name never caught on.

The Czech name Petřín was introduced only after 1945. The traditional name was abandoned due to its difficult translation into the Czech language. At that time the premises served as a children´s home. The situation changed in the mid-sixties in connection with the organization of international exhibitions of costume jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou. The restaurant was transferred to the Restaurants and Canteens state enterprise. Petřín became a popular destination of outings. Contributing to it was certainly the ideal location offering probably the most beautiful view of Jablonec framed from all sides by the green ridges of the Jizerské mountains.

After the change of economic and political relations in 1989 the building again changed several times its owner which resulted in closing down the Petřín restaurant and its rapid deterioration and devastation. At the eleventh hour – in 1996 – the building was bought by the current owner. After many exhausting adventures he succeeded in reconstructing the building in a good taste and its expanding by accommodation facility. He also put again into operation the outlook tower which was closed for a long time.

Opening of the building, this time truly festive, took place on 2 October 2000.

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