Station 6: Arboretum in the Pod Petřínem str.

The park between the Pod Petřínem and Petřínská streets was probably founded in the twenties of 19th century by the Jablonec Embellishment Society. For a long time it was left in a desolate condition. It was restored as late as in 2006 within the construction of the Sightseeing Tour Route.

On this occasion the original staircase was repaired, natural seeding was cleared away, the trees were properly treated and small waste dumps removed, footpaths were built, etc.

Due to a high number of full-grown woody species that bear plates with the Czech and Latin names, the park started to be called the arboretum, although it does not exactly correspond to the definition of this term. The name “arboretum” comes from the Latin word “arbour” which means a tree. In fact, arboretum is a domesticated, common name for a specialized garden or another land with cultivated woody species of various both domestic and exotic origin, maintained as a park or a collection of woody species serving for experimental cultivation or another research programme of a different focus. The main specialized activity and a scientific branch pursued in the arboretum is the woody species science, dendrology, a specialized branch of botany.


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