Station 4: Rail transport - Střelecká ul.

Here the Střelecká and Pražská streets cross a railway connecting Jablonec nad Nisou with the town of Tanvald. The railway runs through a deep cutting and passes through the built-up area along the periphery of the town. In the past, there was also an electric railway in the Pražská street going from the town of Janov via Jablonec to the town of Rychnov.

The development of the town at the turn of 19th century would be hardly conceivable without rail transport. Construction of the railway from the town of Turnov to Liberec (1859) pushed Jablonec aside and the nearest railway station was only in the town of Rychnov. Therefore the only solution was to enforce a connection between Jablonec and Liberec which was successfully implemented only in the eighties of 19th century. At the same time a connection was contemplated with the eastern part of the district, i.e. the textile region of Tanvald and the glass industry region of Polubensko.

The construction was hindered by a number of difficulties including financial problems and so it was put into operation only in October 1887. However, then everything progressed quite quickly. Simultaneously with building of the railway track, railway stations were constructed and already one year later everything was ready for putting the first section from Liberec to Jablonec into operation. On Sunday, 25 November 1888 at 9 in the morning the first train set off from Jablonec to Liberec.

Extension of the railway to the town of Tanvald was technically quite demanding. Among other things, it was necessary to bore the 417 m long Lučany tunnel and built the 123,5 m long and 26,7 m high Smržovka viaduct. In July 1894 the first train set off from Jablonec to the Lučany village and in October of the same year the track was extended as far as the town of Tanvald. After putting another section to Kořenov into operation (1902) and after connection with the German (today Polish) side, Jablonec got connected to the international railway network.

Despite this, the railway station in Rychnov did not lose any of its significance for the industrial Jablonec region. At the end of 19th century there were several narrow-gauge electric railways designed for the territory of Jablonec and its surroundings intended for both freight and passenger transport. Among the first tramways that were introduced here starting from the year 1900, were tramways from the Brandl gasworks in Jablonec to Rýnovice and Janov (glassworks) and from Brandl to the Horní Jablonec. In November 1902, freight transport was launched from the railway reloading station in Rychnov via Kokonín, Vrkoslavice, Jablonec and Mšeno to Janov.

Although the tram transport became quickly very popular, for different reasons it has been gradually replaced by automobile transport. In 1965, the operation of the last of these railways between Rychnov and Janov was terminated. The only functional connection is between Jablonec n. N. and Liberec which was put into operation in 1955.

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Střelecká Street


Střelecká Street

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