Station 2: Church of St. Ann

At the bottom of Kostelní vrch (Church hill) where we are standing, the first cemetery in Jablonec was founded in 1669. As documented by an old engraving, the cemetery was originally surrounded by a wall; it used its purpose until 1809. Between 1685 and 1687 countess Marie Polyxena Desfours ordered to build the Church of St. Ann there which is the oldest preserved building in the town.

The church was originally erected without the tower that was added only twenty years later, in 1706. In the course of the following years the church was many times repaired and reconstructed. Between 1747 and 1890, the church underwent nine major repairs. One of the early reconstructions that was most probably associated with the previous fire took place in 1774. In 1802, the upper part of the church tower was so severely damaged that there was a danger it would fall down. During its repair the wooden parts were replaced and the poppyhead with the cross reinstalled. The tower copula was again damaged in the storm in 1859. In 1890, the original baroque façade was changed into a decorated Neo-renaissance one and this style of the church has been preserved until today.

At the beginning of the seventies of 20th century the façade and roof of the tower were repaired. At that time Masses were still celebrated in the church. Later, however, the church was closed due to lack of interest of the believers. Masses were reintroduced only after 2000 on the St. Ann´s day. Additional repairs of the church were carried out with the financial participation of the town and the government between 1995 and 2002 and focused on renovation of the wooden parts of the roof structure, replacement of the slating and restoration of the window panes.

In 2003, the representatives of the town started to negotiate with the representatives of the Church and as a result the church was transferred free of charge to the property of the town in 2004. Immediately the following year the municipality launched a general reconstruction of this unique historical building with the financial contribution from the Joint Regional Operational Programme. The reconstructed church was open to the public again on the Day of Historical Monuments in September 2006 and now it hosts different cultural events.

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Church of St. Ann


Church of St. Ann

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