Station 11: The brewery ponds (Pivovarské rybníky)

Among the most significant buildings in Vrkoslavice was the brewery. It was built between 1833 and 1835 by Johann von Römisch, the then owner of the Malá skála estate which included also Vrkoslavice and Jablonec. When in connection with the new regional structure introduced in 1850, Vrkoslavice became an autonomous municipality “the Liberec-Vratislavice-Jablonec“ brewery was for them an important source of tax income.

However, there was not much left of its fame of that time, the beer ceased to be brewed here in the eighties of the last century.

Between 1882 and 1899, there were founded three “brewery “ ponds close to the brewery. In winter months they served for extraction of ice for refrigeration. In 1922, a public swimming facility was opened on the pond. But it has been also closed a long time ago.

Not far from our station there happened an interesting event on 20. 4. 1890. In the first spring days a group of 31 local children were playing on the meadows when they were surprised by a sudden storm with a heavy rain. All children hid under a big spruce tree. After a while when water began to run through the branches they started running home. They were not more than one hundred meters from the place when a group of trees was struck by lightening. Most damaged was the spruce tree where the children were hiding only a while ago.

In the following days hundreds of people were coming to this place as they believed that the children were saved by the divine providence. Later, on the initiative of the Jablonec parish priest Josef Ressel a memorial stone was erected here with an iron cross. The picture on the no longer existing plate illustrated the whole event. The costs of the memorial were covered by voluntary donors. Since then this place has been called “At the cross”.

At present the area of the brewery ponds is in a rather desolate condition. We can only hope that the ponds will find some purposeful use, for instance as a recreational resort.

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The brewery ponds



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