Station 10: Čertův kámen (615m)

The Devil's Stone where we are now standing used to be such a significant dominant of Vrkoslavice in the past that it even appeared in the unofficial shield of the village and on the municipal stamp.

An unusual geologic formation has attracted for a long time the attention of the local people who made up the Devil´s Stone legend about men who in their greed for mammon were meeting in a nearby chapel to raise the devil. However, they were caught by the vicar. At the moment of their escape the devil appeared on this boulder with a bag full of wealth. When he saw the vicar he started to beat with his tail around so angrily that he made several depressions in the stone. Then he disappeared with the treasure forever.

A big granite boulder rests on four smaller ones and the whole structure forms a kind of cave. On the top there are minor depressions that indicate the formation of rock pots. The drainage groove of one of them is said to be the impression of the devil´s tail. We may find here also several shallow, man-made steps.

People in the past valued natural objects of interest and made every effort to save them from destruction. The Devil´s Stone was also endangered. The renowned chronicler Adolf Lilie from Jablonec wrote in 1895 in the History and Geography of the Jablonec nad Nisou Region: “Recently the Devil´s Stone had to face an onrush of quarrymen; however, the works were stopped and so we hope that the remarkable rocky formation will be preserved for future.” The holes caused by the tools of the quarrymen recall their efforts until today.

Photogallery - Station 10



The Devil's Stone

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